Appearance, fragrance, consistency and taste

"Every freshly prepared sausage undergoes a thorough inspection at our company with regard to its appearance, aroma, consistency and taste. After all, we are our own most critical experts on sausage!"

As a family business with a deep passion for delicious and authentic sausage specialties, it is of utmost importance for us to know exactly what goes into our sausage products. For this reason, we have been cooperating closely for many years with our trusted suppliers who share our philosophy of sustainable and respectful treatment of nature, animals and food.

Species appropriate husbandry & naturalness

For many of our Franconian sausage specialties, we exclusively source pork from Franconian farms that practice species-appropriate animal husbandry. We also emphasize natural, unadulterated flavors when selecting herbs and spice mixtures, and we do not use flavor enhancers or artificial flavorings whenever possible.

We completely avoid artificial colorings and are proud to make it possible for people with food intolerances to enjoy our sausage specialties.

Monitoring & Security

In order to continuously monitor and ensure the quality of our products, we undergo an audit every year that confirms compliance with the QS guidelines (the QS criteria for fresh food create transparency from origin to the counter) and the International Food Standard IFS.